How Bond Decisions Will Change in Cook County Under the PFA

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    Don Stemen ·
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    David Olson ·
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    Branden DuPont ·

All individuals arrested for a felony, misdemeanor domestic battery, or violation of an order of protection in Cook County currently appear for a bond court hearing before a judge who sets bond. Bond court judges may impose one of three bond types.

  • Individual recognizance bond (I-Bond) for which defendants are released without having to post monetary bail
  • A deposit bond (D-Bond) for which defendants pay 10% of the bond amount or a cash bond (C-Bond) for which defendants pay the full value of the bond amount in order to secure release from jail
  • No bail in which defendants are denied bail and ordered to remain in jail.

Under the PFA, two groups of individuals are initially detainable: 1. those eligible for detention based on a “public safety” standard, and 2. those eligible for detention based on a “willful flight” standard.

This tool presents data comparing existing Cook bond decisions with the new PFA detainable groups. For each PFA group it provides data on avoided bail costs and avoided average bond amount. Comparison data on existing 2021 Cook bond decisions and common offense level is provided. Scroll down 🠇 to the visualization or click read the full report